Complaint Handling Policy of Modmount

Modmount, in compliance with regulatory requirements, maintains a robust policy for handling complaints to address customer concerns promptly and transparently. This policy outlines procedures for the fair resolution of inquiries, complaints, and disputes from its clientele.

Image source: Modmount’s legal page.

Submission of Inquiries and Complaints

Inquiry Submission:

Customers experiencing issues with their accounts or dissatisfaction with services are encouraged to contact Modmount’s Customer Support Department via email, live chat, or telephone. The Customer Support Department strives to address inquiries immediately; if resolution requires more time, a holding response is provided within three business days.

Complaint Submission:

Customers dissatisfied with the resolution of their inquiries may escalate them to formal complaints by contacting [email protected]. For complaints lodged by third parties, written authorization from the customer is required. Submissions must be truthful, comprehensive, and supported by relevant documentation. Upon receipt of a complaint, acknowledgment is sent within five working days, followed by an impartial review. Proposed remedial actions are communicated within thirty working days.

Additional Information on Inquiries and Complaints

Customer cooperation is crucial for timely investigations. Failure to respond adequately may result in the closure of complaints. Complaints older than three months may be considered closed. Timely reporting of events is encouraged to expedite investigations.

Duties of the Complaints Team

Team members in charge of complaints oversee and aid in compiling complaints. Complaints pertaining to services outlined in the Client Service Agreement are accepted.

Complaint Registration

A comprehensive log records all pertinent information concerning complaints and their resolutions. Data collection is limited to essential details necessary for resolving complaints and is retained for a minimum of seven years. Modmount ensures transparency and traceability in its complaint management system throughout the process, maintaining its dedication to customer satisfaction and regulatory adherence.

For further information on Modmount’s policies, please refer to their official website.

For more detailed information on fees, terms, and conditions, please visit Modmount's legal page.

Image source: Modmount’s legal page.

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